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Dr. Chanelle shares tips for parents during Covid-19 

Tips for Parents

Children and Mental Health


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Dr. Chanelle shares safe and fun outdoor activities during Covid-19

Chanelle Bishop-Gilyard, PsyD, MS

shares a list of safe outdoor activities for your children amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For the Family

  • Family Drive-ins: Grab take out, pop on a movie and enjoy in the car with the family.

  • Scavenger hunts: Come up with items found in nature to look for on a family walk, hike or bike ride. Share the list with friends and see who finds the most.

  • Backyard Picnics: Pack a lunch and find a comfy blanket and spot to enjoy lunch outside.

  • Virtual Outdoor Play Dates: Play dates with groups of friends (maybe playing a game or side walk chalk contest).

  • Watch Parties: Host or join watch parties (cooking, yoga).

  • Virtual Dance Off: Friendly dance off using virtual software.

  • Family Game Night: Virtual game night with a few friends.

  • Decorations: Decorate windows for passerby's to appreciate.

  • Idea rocks: Paint a fun activity idea on a rock and place in different locations that other families may pass to give them an idea of new things to try.

For Parents

  • Happy Hour: Virtual Happy Hour with a few friends.

  • Solo Walks: Walks alone to recharge.

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